About Me

Hello, my name is Natasha Leftwich. I am a married mother of four daughters, which is were I came up with the name for my business "Fourallmygirls". I have always had a passion for doing hair. My inspiration to create this business grew out of necessity when one of my daughters embarked on her musical journey and my other daughters wanted to change hairstyles every other month. A very important part of my daughter’s musical journey involved her public persona which included the big curly hair look. Through out the year as my daughters got older, I slowly acquired the skills and knowledge to do various different hairstyles which included all manor of braids, sew ins, silk presses, and making custom wigs. However, making wigs is my passion.

I have lived many places through out the world as a military dependent. My family and I settled here in Nashville to support my daughter’s music career. I realized there was a need for quality custom wigs that do not break the bank and I am here to fill that void.

How to Measure

See chart for proper head measurements.